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The Green and Black in the fight for the Greens

by Keith Whyte

It cannot be denied that the vast acreage of the school compound covered in weed in many areas had an impressionable effect on two of our distinguished old boys in their current efforts to get the weed (cannabis) legalized.  COBA greatly appreciates the smoking trail being burnt by Dr. Henry Lowe with his recently launched drug research company Medicanja, which offers a line of medicinal products made from ganja.  Medicanja is now marketing seven products for the treatment of nausea, arthritis, muscle pain, and joint pain all of which were developed from their own internal Biotech R&D Institute.

We also acknowledge the work of the evergreen Delano Seiveright who has been championing the cause of ganja farmers for their right to cultivate ganja within a legal and controlled market for ganja and its by-products.  Delano has been working tirelessly with local and international counterparts to get Jamaica’s legislatory framework in line with other jurisdictions.

Their efforts will be powered by the presence of former Prime Minister PJ Patterson who sits on the board of Medicanja.  The economic future of Jamaica is bright if the legislation to support the industry are passed within an early timeframe before other regional competitors beat us to market.

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